VollyBall Injury

volleyball is the highest participation rates worldwide, As It’s one of the unique sports.Injury patterns differ between indoor and beach volleyball, Injuries that are commonly seen in volleyball players are mostly overuse injuries than acute injuries because of repetition and improper technique and type of playing surface the chance of injuries increases.

Common Vollyball Injuries

1. Ankle Sprains:- It is the most common injuries in volleyball athletes. It occurs most commonly at the net when an opposing player lands onto another player’s foot.

2. Hand Injuries:- Trauma to fingers is extremely common injury during setting and blocking. Most finger injuries in volleyball involve joint sprains, tendon tears, and dislocations.

3. Knee injuries:- Volleyball requires repetitive jumping, which gives a lot of stress on the patellar tendon and leave pain in this area. At some point, volleyball athletes develop patellar tendinitis, known to many as “jumper’s knee”. The most common site of pain is where the patellar tendon attaches to the lower pole of the knee cap,Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears can be a more serious injury and typically occurs in volleyball during a cutting maneuver or when an athlete comes down from a jump awkwardly.

4. Shoulder injuries:- Volleyball players repetitively use their shoulders for overhead serving, spiking and blocking, which commonly leads to shoulder pain. Overuse of the rotator cuff muscles can lead to rotator cuff tendinitis or tears, which is more commonly seen.

5. Lower back pain:- Back pain in volleyball players is very common because of repetitive bending and rotating of the trunk. Strains of the lower back is the most common back injury although the repetitive hyperextension of the lower back during hitting and setting can also place a lot of stress on the lower back bones. This can lead to stress fractures of the vertebra in the spine, known as spondylolysis