Dance Injuries

Dance may look effortless but it requires a lot of strength, flexibility and stamina. But a lot of high risk of injuries is there. So you should be aware of the most common dance injuries and learn how to avoid them. The pain you experience after dancing is muscle soreness that usually subsides within 24 to 48 hours. But Sometimes it takes a few days for muscles to get sore. Dance is a physically demanding activity. Dancers perform repetitive movements for several hours a day.

Dance Injury

Common Dance Injuries

Common Dance Injury

Usually dance injuries occur because of using your joints and muscles too much (overuse injuries). The majority of these overuse injuries involve an ankle, leg, foot or lower back.

Some common dance injuries are:

Hip injuries: Overuse of Hip can cause Snapping hip syndrome, Hip Impingement, Labral Tears, Hip flexor tendonitis, Hip Bursitis and Sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Foot and Ankle Injuries: Access of Dancing can affect the Foot and Ankles. Ankle sprains are the number one traumatic injury in dancers. When an ankle is sprained, ligaments on the inside or outside of your foot get twisted or overstretched and may experience tears. It happens due to improper landing from a jump, misaligned ankles.

It develops Achilles tendonitis, Trigger Toe and Ankle Impingement

Knee Injuries: Common knee injuries that develop during dancing is patellofemoral pain syndrome

Stress fractures: Due to muscle overuse the muscle becomes stressful and there is chance of occurrence of Metatarsals, Tibia, Sesamoids and Lumbar spine injuries.

Dancers are also likely to develop arthritis in the knee, hip, ankle and foot