Cricket Injuries

Cricket injuries effect on all portions of the body except the head. Injuries toward the upper limbs occur mostly in the shoulder, elbow and hands. The lower limb injuries affect the knee or the foot and ankle of bowlers.

Cricket Injuries


  • Rotator Cuff injuries
  • Knee Injuries
  • Sprained Ankle
  • Elbow Injuries
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Lower Back Pain

 Rotator cuff injuries

This Injury affect both batters and fielders. It occurs when any of the four rotator cuff muscles in the shoulder tear.These muscles help to stabilise the shoulder joint.Any damage make batting and bowling painful. A lack of flexibility can cause the injury.

 Medial meniscus tear

The medial meniscus is a C-shaped area of cartilage located at the top of the tibia bone in lower leg.It helps to protect the knee joint from the stress of running, walking and bending. It happens when turn quickly to run, The injury is often accompanied by a pain on the inside of the knee, discomfort when squatting or bending, and sometimes swelling.

 Ankle sprain

The ankles are put under a lot of strain during cricket as the lower body bears the brunt of quick changes in direction, sprinting and jumping. A sprained ankle means damaged ligaments and soft tissue. It often happen when the ankle twists inwards.Wearing an ankle brace can help to reduce the injury.

 Thrower’s elbow

Thrower’s elbow is the same condition as golfer’s elbow. It is known as medial epicondylitis. Pain is felt on the inside of the elbow as overuse damages the tendon of the wrist flexor muscles. Ice can help to ease acute pain that may be felt during a match, and heat may be more beneficial when the injury becomes.

 Swimmer’s shoulder

Swimmer’s shoulder or shoulder impingement syndrome is an injury caused by the tendons of the rotary cuff ‘catching’. Pain is felt when the tendons trapped in the space at the top of the shoulder and repeatedly scrape against the bone when the arm is raised. It’s a common injury among bowlers who repeat this action often in a match.

 Lower back pain

Lower back pain is a common cricketing injury.Chronic lower back pain is often the result of pain at the sacroiliac joints which are located at the bottom and either side of the back.