RSI prevention is all about postural correction, ergonomics, recognizing body’s health status, life style modification and healthy living.


KRV’s mission is to provide cost effective Ergonomic solutions with a focus on reducing work related pain and improving employee’s productivity, job satisfaction and quality of life.


The KRV team is trained in extensive workplace assessments and design solutions, musculoskeletal disorder assessment, specialized treatments, and Occupational health and safety.

KRV has also been involved with On – Site Physiotherapy in the Golf sites, Schools, Sports Industry. KRV is the first and only centre in India to have brought breakthrough treatment called K- Taping and Resisted band Exercises from Japan for  patients.

  • KRV is one of the world’s largest Occupational Health and Ergonomics Consultancies, with many prominent long-term and repeat clients, serving over 4,00,000 workers in IT, BPO, Biotechnology, Electrical Manufacturing and Telecom daily.
  • KRV provides ergonomic solutions to variety of industries such as Information Technology, Automobile, Manufacturing, R&D, Biotechnology, Consulting, Medical, and Consumer Products.
  • KRV’s Professionals have conducted over 3000 training sessions or workshops on different aspects of Ergonomics and Occupational Health
  • Successfully treated RSI patients from across country, with a documented success rate of over 99%.
  • Awarded as Best Physiotherapy service provider Company in India, 2013 by Global Business & Excellence awards.
  • KRV awarded July, 2014 ‘The Best and Promising Physiotherapy company in India by All India Economy Survey Award Council (AIESAC), government of India”.
Untitled-1KRV’s SOLUTION
Computer Workstation/ Manufacturing Workplace /Assembly Lines Assessment
  • Our trained and experienced Ergonomists will perform assessments to find the true cause of the problem through internationally approved, validated and standardised assessment tools.
  • Once the problem areas are identified, we will provide with cost effective, easily implemented and evidence based solutions that show quick results and boost employee productivity.
Training and Awareness
  • Constant awareness of the posture and healthy computing habits are equally crucial.
  • We will provide levels of Ergonomics and Occupational Health and Safety awareness programs customized for managers, supervisors and employees.4
  • The training sessions consist of 1-2 hour workshops and your company may decide on the number of session necessary based on the number of employees.

RSI is a term for a number of specific injuries caused by the repetitive movement of particular parts of the body. Specially, RSI is known as an Occupational Overuse Syndrome that affects nerves, tendons and muscles.

RSI can occur at any age, whether children or adult .The cause s of RSI can be broadly classified in to:

  • Repetition ‐ Repeated motions of a body part
  • Awkward Posture ‐ Maintaining awkward body positions
  • Static Posture ‐ Holding parts of the body in one position for a long time

Have you ever noticed yourself while working? Try to visualize yourself and recollect. Leaning forward on the desk, sitting without a back support, neck rotated to one side. In fact adjusting your body with the computer position or have you noticed your child studding on bed, without back support bending too much in order to write or read a book, carrying heavy bags on one shoulder, women standing in kitchen and cooking for hours in a stretch .If you think carefully you will realize that we keep our body in very awkward postures for too long / static which cause the stress on our bone & joint –system.

Repetitive stress injury is a broad term which includes micro trauma at various joints. It can affect your neck, shoulder, back or legs. Medically the conditions are listed below:

  • Neck Pain/ trapezitis
  • Shoulder pain
  • Bursitis
  • Epicondylitis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Trigger Finger
  • Tenosynovitis
  • Mechanical / postural Back Pain
  • knee pain


  • Pain
  • Swelling, inflammation
  • Numbness or tingling sensation
  • Decreased movement of a joint
  • Stiffness of body part
  • Symptoms worsen with time

Prevention begins from childhood. There are so many musculo-skeletal deformities that can be prevented.

  • Most common condition that can be detected at childhood is flat foot. Early detection can not only correct the defect but also prevent the early arthritis which can occur because of flat foot. Once flat foot is detected, we can provide medial insoles. Some basic exercises of feet can work wonders and develop the medial arch.
  • Teaching children to sit in a proper posture can prevent spinal deformities like scoliosis, in which the body is tilted to one side. Carrying heavy school bags to one side / one shoulder, or even carrying heavy bags for too long, can affect the spinal posture.
  • The spinal deformities like scoliosis, kyphosis, excessive lordosis can be prevented by keeping first signal of body which is muscle spasm. Muscle spasm should treat immediately.
  • Applying moist hot towels on the back, any anti- inflammatory ointment is a very simple yet most effective treatment for muscle spasm.
  • Once the muscle spasm subsides the back alignment gets automatically corrected.
In-house RSI Clinic
  • The purpose of In-house clinic is to provide employees with the benefit of customized treatment for their musculoskeletal disorders at the company premise.
  • Typically, in-house RSI clinic is offered as a continual program to companies, where therapists can monitor and treat employees on a regular basis.
Advantages of having an On-site program (In-house RSI Clinic)
  1. Convenience of employees, saving time and greater compliance5
  2. Promoting earlier reporting of symptoms and therefore faster and complete recovery
  3. Better follow up regarding recovery, modifications at work and return to work
  4. Identification of personal medical risk factors
  5. More effective coordination with members of Human Resources, Facilities and Health Safety team
  6. Highly cost effective: our on-site treatment can typically bring down the organizational medical bills by 50%.
E-Fitness Program
  • Helps to implement a comprehensive fitness strategy among employees by encouraging practice of stretches in workstations itself.6
  • The trainer will conduct group exercise sessions of 10-20 minutes at the workstations to maintain general fitness and aerobic fitness of the employees.
  • The exercise routine will vary frequently to retain the interest and involvement of the participants.
  • The main benefits of incorporating E- fitness program are to encourage employees to take the ownership of their own health.




  1. Reducing incidence of pain and discomfort in employees
  2. Increasing job satisfaction, morale and staff retention
  3. Reducing absenteeism by encouraging early reporting of symptoms and on-site treatment
  4. Maximising productivity
  5. Encouraging responsible employee behavior towards their own health.
  6. Maintain your fitness


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