KRV physiotherapy which is tagged as one of the best physiotherapy clinics in India is very famous for CVD treatment. It provides the best physical treatment for heart related disease by the highly qualified and experienced physiotherapist of India. We, promises the best service for our patients to make them live long and a pain free life. It is the only place where you will get the world’s best Cardiac rehabilitation programmes and workshops for the people.

What is CVD?

CVD means all the diseases of the heart and circulation. Fatty deposits in the arteries can cause a clot to form. This clot may cut off the blood supply to the heart (resulting in a heart attack) or brain (leading to a stroke).

Cardiac rehabilitation programmes are very effective. They can improve your health and quality of life and reduce the length of hospital stays as well as the number of re-admissions to hospital.

Like in cardiac conditions exercises play a crucial role, researches support that exercise prescription is a key component of pulmonary rehabilitation programmes, which are part of the non-pharmacological approach to managing COPD.

KRV physio will make a detailed assessment and will work with you to identify and prioritise what you want to achieve. Following your assessment, you will be offered a customized cardiac rehab class/Pulmonary rehab class as per your requirements.

All the exercise prescription shall aim to:

  • Maintain or improve exercise tolerance
  • Improve functional abilities (i.e. carrying out daily tasks)
  • Maintain and improve physical activity, coaching patients toward improving
  • Reduce breathlessness and the work of breathing
  • Improve the efficiency of ventilation
  • Mobilize and aid the expectoration of secretions
  • Improve knowledge and understanding
  • Reduce (thoracic pain)
  • healthy behavior