From the Desk of Founder& Managing Director Dr. RidwanaSanam (Consultant Physiotherapist )


I would like to say that Treatment, Precautions are important but the most important is to get your problem diagnosed well.If the diagnosis is done properly and on time then you will surely get heal in less time.We are always in better position to provide good treatment and relief.Another thing that is responsible for healing/relieving which I have observed throughout my journey of life is “Patient’s Attitude”. People with positive attitude tends to heal faster rather than people with attitude of cribbing and cursing i.e “Why me”. I would request and suggest to all those who suffers from any kind of pain and ache that always have positive attitude and spend some time in meditation,connecting yourself with GOD Who is the Best Healer and I am sure,You will get relief faster than expected.

Knowledge and research is continuously changing in physiotherapy. We are coming up with best
techniques but as I said the diagnosis remains the most important key in treating
anykind of pain, illness or any serious issue..

So we are always here to Help you and Guide you to make your lifestyle more pain free.

So, Welcome to KRV Healthcare & Physiotherapy for a Pain Free Life.Cheer’s!

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