Who should take these courses?oo

  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physical Therapy Assistants
  • Licensed Massage Therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Athletic Therapists and Trainers
  • Body Workers
  • Taping: K-Active Taping is an International concept for instant pain relief. At KRV we have bought the concept from Japan in its original form, matching up with the international standards. As per Dr Ridwana Sanam’s (MD KRV Group) experience, modification of techniques to suit Indian body-type have been made to give best result to our patients at KRV. The USP of the technique is that it has been verified by various therapists at KRV centers across country, to show instant improvement on patients with pain. The complete course is a 3-days program, 3 hour each day workshop, where upper limb, spine and lower limb are covered respectively.


Course fee is 3500/day. For a batch of minimum 30, it is 2000/day.

  • Manual Therapy Techniques: Manual Therapy Techniques: This course shall cover all KRV technique dealing with joints and soft tissue pain. We teach latest techniques that help in preventing RSI in the healers themselves. It is a crisp short term program of years of experience and R&D at  KRV that will improve your assessment and diagnosis skill and also will provide you with the tool to heal your patients without ending up in occupational muscle and joint pain yourself. training2 It is 6-day course with 4 hourly hands on session. Course fee is 19000/per person. training3For a batch of minimum 30, it is 15000/per person.
  • Muscle De-stressing Technique: is the most effective and valuable manual techniques for the identification and correction of somatic asymmetry and hypo-mobility. Techniques have been modified over the years and have shown practical results on patients suffering from aching muscles. Course fee is 5000/per person.
  • Continued Professional Education: This is a part of quality policy, wherein the therapists and healers working with KRV are updated through workshops about the latest trends in the field under the supervision of Dr Ridwana Sanam (MD KRV Group). As this is a part of internal team updating process, minimal fee as per the arrangement expenses shall be charged.

LONG TERM: It would be a course of 3 to 6 months.

Initial three months would be technical course that will cover basic techniques of physiotherapy i.e electrotherapy and exercise therapy along with a basic knowledge about human anatomy and physiology.

The students after completing a 3 month course shall be given option to opt for a specialization subject for next three months.

Areas of specialization would be: Ortho, Neuro, Sports & Fitness, Physio Yoga, Manual Therapy, Antenatal & Postnatal, Paediatric Therapy or Geriatric Therapy.

After completion of successful 6 month course we offer direct placement at KRV.

This course is free of cost for those who are looking for a skill development to earn their living respectfully. KRV is already training women from different NGO’s across India under this course.

We take it as our social responsibility to help people in skill development and are trying our best to promote gender equality at work place by creating more and more opportunities for women.

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