Radhika Nayar

Feedback : The Experience was very good. All Therapist are very amazing and take good care.Feeling very Satisfied after taking treatment.Thankyou KRV.


Payal Nayar

Feedback : The Experience was Excellent. I am Feeling very satisfied.All the Therapist are very good at their job and having soft touch,Smiling and Gives a lot of motivation and confidence to Recover Fast.



Feedback : I am feeling very satisfied. Tremendous improvement in my condition.



Feedback : Feeling Good.All staff Members are very good. Doctors and Therapist treated me with full confidence and effectively. Now I feel very satisfied.



Feedback :I am very satisfied with the services. All Therapists are very dedicated.I hope that KRV Team will be reachable more patients who will need good physiotherapists. Thankyou KRV



Feedback : All the Therapist are attentive, Dedicated.The Way of treatment is very effective. Got Relief with treatment.Feeling Good.I will refer more and more patients.



Feedback : All Staff Members are very caring, Attentive and Full of confidence. I am very satisfied with the Services.Thankyou KRV


Saqueel Thamar Radhi

Feedback :6 Year Old Baby Saqueel Thamar Radhi from Iraq is Post-Operative Case of Lumbosacral meningocele (After Birth) with paraparesis with bladder and bowel involvement with left foot drop.
She had weakness in left lower limbs. She was unable to Walk and stand and unable to withhold Urine and Stool. She was Referred from Triton Hospital, New Delhi. Baby Saqueel came to India for Treatment from Triton Hospital. After Getting the Medical Treatment (Extraction and Administration on Homologous Bone Marrow on 20/8/2017)
Someone Referred them to KRV Physiotherapy. After Getting 7 days Physiotherapy Treatment. She got satisfactorily relief in condition.


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