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I am Navjeet singh from JIND (Haryana), I visited KRV Sushant-lok clinic with both heel pain. Dr. Ridwana advice 1me treatment and taping, after 1st taping I got 99% relief from my pain. They also advised me life style modification. Thank you Dr Ridwana and team for better treatment.

Mr Navjeet singh

Reader TO SHO




I am very happy with the treatment and staff of the centre. I have acute pain and spasm in my Neck. I got relief 2within 7 days. Special Thanks to Dr. Ridwana for giving personal attention.

Mrs Indu Bapra

House wife




I was here in India for my wife’s operation. I have neck and back pain since 7-8 years, one day I saw KRV 3physiotherapy board next to my wife’s hospital, I have taken treatment for 4 days only and I feel 90% relief. Thank you to DR RIDWANA.

Mr. Faiz Mohammad

Business man

Residence – Iraq




4I was suffering from both side neck pain, low back pain and right side knee pain. I have consulted many doctors in USA but my condition was not properly diagnosed and treated. Since I came to India for my father treatment, I came to KRV health care services, Sushant  Lok 1 , Gurgaon. Here my condition was proper diagnosed as RSI with B/L Trapezitis (R>L) with postural thoracic scoliosis with Low backache with Right collateral ligament sprain in knee. I have done 8 sessions in 4 days. Dr. Ridwana was really great in diagnosing pain areas and identifying treatment. All staff members were really great at their job. Overall great experience in 4 days. Great job. Keep it up.

Mr. Kushal K. Sinha

Sr. Scientist USA

Residence – USA




5I have been suffering from back pain since four months, but when I came here and took treatment I got 100% relief from back pain. All I want to say is that KRV is not just a clinic to correct your ailments it’s a family to lend you hope with persistence.

Name: Mr. Padmanabham







I was having back pain, knee pain since many years. I was here in India to meet my relatives, my relative referred 6me KRV physiotherapy, I was here only for 15 days in India, and I feel much improvement in my knee and back after KRV treatment. Thanks KRV team.

Mrs  savita yadav







7I was suffering from both side neck pain and discomfort in my neck which was radiating to my right arm. And after taking treatment at KRV I don’t feel pain now. And I am improved much. Staff and therapists are well trained.

Mrs. Anandita kakkar

Dance teacher






8I took only 7 sittings at KRV for my knee and ankle pain and I got 90% relief. All staff is very good. And treatment was superb and excellent.

Mrs. Nirmala lodha







I had been suffering from back pain since 4 months but when I came here I took treatment and I got relief from my back and neck pain and I want to say that in the clinic all staff are good, they did great job. Thank you.

Mr. Shubhkar Chaudhary

Sr. associates audit and accounts at ark & comp.


The therapists were very efficient with their work. All doctors and staff members are very patient and cautious. I also like the ambience of the centre including the music very relaxing.

Mrs. Sushmita Mishra




9I was having neck pain radiating to both arms, as I come to KRV my problem relieved 95% in just 15 days, very much satisfied with everything, feeling much better after the treatment of KRV.

Mrs Sucharita Jain






Excellent staff, always very courteous and completely focused on patient, I have been feeling 95% relief in my back pain. Thanks KRV.

Mr Shivan Bhargav

Designation—Group president of NIIT




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