Patient Feedback (SECTOR-15 GURGAON)

Name : Menaka Seetharaman Sidhu10
Profession : Yoga teacher – Sivananda Yoga Centre Gurgaon


My experience with KRV-

I had visited the KRV clinic a few months ago for some PT treatment. The staff at KRV services was not only professional and thorough but compassionate which helped ease the angst from the pain.

Sr. Physical Therapist would check in on me even after the PT sessions were completed, in a time when people are always rushed in everything, here it was care without such time limits and that was comforting.

Thank you for your services KRV!


Name : Gargi11

Designation: HR Manager Exigo

Feedback: Thanks to KRV team of Sector 15 Gurgaon, I had a very chronic cervical problem which is now 90% cured. A good care by KRV team, a lot once again.



Name : Mrs Shobha

Designation: Housewife12

Feedback: I was in tears when I came first to KRV Centre because of my cervical problem I was unable to do my household activities but gradually after taking the physiotherapy treatment I recovered within 15 days. Thanks KRV doctors who understood my problem and provided me best possible treatment. Dr Ridwana’s team is really very good. Thanks to KRV.



Name : Mrs.Mamta Chandra13

Designation : Housewife

Feedback : KRV is really very good Physiotherapy clinic, as I am one of the oldest patient at KRV I really appreciate their sincerity towards patient, I specially wants to Thank Dr Ridwana who treats me with all care.



Name : Palak14

Designation : Manager

Feedback : I had come to KRV Sec 15 centre 1 month back with an acute pain in my shoulder, which got diagnosed as Trapizitis, I was very worried since I am Pregnant but thanks to Dr Ridwana and her team who treated me with utmost care. I will sure recommend KRV Physiotherapy clinic to others.



Name : Mr.Devendra Lohmor15

Profession : Senior Manager

It was entirely satisfying experience while on treatment. I had severe knee pain which aggravated to such extent that I had to abandon my only workout of the day – jogging. Although prior acquaintance with the doctor helped in initiating the consultation process, the support from the whole team at KRV put me on a recovery path in straight six weeks.

I specially appreciate the emphasis put by senior doctors here in hearing out my complete background of the injury, along with providing me flexibility in rehabilitation, suitable to my daily routine.

Thank you again KRV

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