In patients with life-limiting illnesses, symptom control and maintenance of function become crucial aspects of treatment. There is a role to be played in pain management and in the relief of other distressing symptoms.oncology services in south delhi

Approximately 7 out of 8 individuals who undergo surgery for breast cancer experience recurring shoulder and/or
arm problems, among others.  Problems that may persist up to 1 year after surgery include scar tightness, edema in the axilla, and neck-shoulder pain.  Activities that may be limited include lifting, carrying, and reaching.  Physical therapy treatment should be prescribed based on the individual’s needs and can include:

  • Soft tissue and joint mobilizations
  • Range of motion and strengthening exercises
  • Functional training
  • Postural assessment
  • Home exercise programs

Various physiotherapy techniques like medical massage, nerve and muscle stimulation, acupressure etc can combat secondary complication that arise as a result of chemo/radiotherapy and other surgical interventions used to treat various malignant and non-malignant cancerous growth.

We have adapted our KRV exercise program and amalgamated it to physical therapy knowledge to offer a multidisciplinary approach to patients experiencing chemo toxicity and de-conditioning as a result of their primary cancer treatments.

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