Change the Life Style and Keep Your Spine Healthy

Daily Household Chores have become workout these days. If the activities are not done properly it can be harmful. Spine is the part that often bears the damage mostly.

Change the Life Style and Keep Your Spine Healthy

Change the way of doing Activities

  1. Carrying Shopping Bags:- Carrying one bag may cause the spine to Tilts the weight to one side. So instead of carrying one bag opt. for two small bags. The Weight Distribution is friendly on Spine.
  1. Cleaning the Floor:-To clean the Floor either sit down properly or Stand and do it using a Mop. Never Bend down to clean a floor because it will put pressure on spine.
  1. Tying Up Shoe Laces:- Bending down and Tying the shoes is harmful to spine. When it is repeatedly done it can damage the sit down properly while tying the shoe laces. 
  1. Washing Vessels:- Bending and washing the vessels is strictly avoided. Because it put very much pressure on back and disk can wear out fast. So try standing and keep stool at knee level 
  1. At the Washbasin:- Bending down to brush and wash the face is bad for spine. It can put strain on the spine. So Rest your Hand on Washbasin and Reduce the Pressure. 
  1. School/Office Bags:- Its very common Slinging bag on one side and go. The Bag contains Books, Laptops or any heavy thing that could put the pressure on the back and can cause shoulder and spine issue. So distribute the weight on both sides and make it easy for spine and shoulders. 
  1. Sitting:- For Who usually do work sitting for long hours. It will create too much stress on the back. So its good to take short breaks to do stretching after some time and avoid prolonged sitting. 
  1. Bad Mattress:- A soft Mattress doesn’t support the spine and doesn’t leave you fresh. So choose Mattress that supports the spine.

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