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KRV has been awarded the "BEST Physiotherapy Service Company in India" at New Delhi, Crowne Plaza Hotel, on 26 June 2016 from Praxis Media - National Business and Service Excellence Awards-2016. “The Best and Promising Physiotherapy company in India by All India Economy Survey Award Council (AIESAC), Government of India.”

KRV Physiotherapy

KRV by the name itself is clear what we are: K- Knowledgeable, R- Responsible, and V– Versatile team of Healers. The strength of pillar of KRV is Assessment & Diagnosis Department. The plan of treatment is also modified as per patient’s need from time to time after a proper reassessment at regular intervals to assure the progress graph is consistent and to achieve results on time.

Ortho and Sports

Shoulder Joint, Elbow Joint, Wrist Joint, Hand, Spine, Hip joint, Knee Joint, Ankle and Foot

Neuro Rehabilitation

Hemiplegia, Quadriplegia, Multiple Sclerosis, Gullian Barre Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Bell’s Palsy/ Facial Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease etc.

Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

CVD means all the diseases of the heart and circulation.  Fatty deposits in the arteries can cause a clot to form.

Weight Management

It is weight management based on medical scientific principles that target the root causes of obesity and weight gain


In patients with life-limiting illnesses, symptom control and maintenance of function become crucial aspects of treatment.

Corporate Physiotherapy

RSI is a term for a number of specific injuries caused by the repetitive movement of particular parts of the body.

Physiotherapy Services at Home / Office :

KRV physiotherapy is proven to be the best physiotherapist in New Delhi, India. It was awarded by the government of India as the best physiotherapy company in India that provides the best physiotherapy services in Delhi by the well learned physiotherapist who devoted their whole life to make the patients live pain free life.
At KRV, you will get the best diagnosis and physical treatment for your suffering of pain From back pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain issues to Paralysis, Cerebral palsy, Ataxia, Parkinson’s, Post-surgical rehab and many more, our physiotherapists can heal both chronic and acute problems at the very door step of your home with a detailed assessment.

KRV Other Services

Partnership & Franchisee

SKILLED COURSES IN PHYSIOTHERAPY & REHABILITATION Who should take these courses? Physical Therapists Occupational Therapists Physical Therapy Assistants Licensed Massage Therapists Chiropractors Athletic Therapists and Trainers Body Workers SHORT TERM: Taping: K-Active Taping is an International concept…

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We are giving career opportunities also. You can send your resume to us.

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ULTRA SONIC MACHINE We are proudly engaged in offering an illustrious Ultra Sonic Machine. Our offered machine is manufactured by our vendors using premium grade components and latest technology in adherence to international quality standards. It offers…

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Partnership & Franchisee

Click To Submit Form Partnership Proposal Dear Sir/Ma’am, Thank you so much for your time and discussion. We are making this draft proposal on basis of our discussion. Kindly do let us know if any cnages required.…

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What patients say about KRV Services

  • 6 Year Old Baby Saqueel Thamar Radhi from Iraq is Post Operative Case of Lumbosacral meningocele (After Birth) with paraparesis with bladder and bowel involvement with left foot drop. She had weakness in left lower limbs. She was unable to Walk and stand and unable to withhold Urine and Stool. She was Referred from Triton Hospital, New Delhi. Baby Saqueel came to India for Treatment from Triton Hospital. After Getting the Medical Treatment (Extraction and Administration on Homologous Bone Marrow on 20/8/2017) Someone Referred them to KRV Physiotherapy. After Getting 7 days Physiotherapy Treatment She got satisfactorily relief in condition.

  • KRV was such a very good place come for treatment all the staff, treatment, operation, cleanses of clinic were excellent really appreciate.

  • Agar Kashmir jannat hai to Dr Ridhwana aap us jannat ka Frishta ho.Hi.this is Daljit this side. Though I am not fully recovered from my neck and shoulder pain. But after taking 10 sessions of physiotherapy at KRV Sushant Lok I am living very comfortable life.Thanks to you and your excellent team

  • 70% relief in 5 seesions,feeling good

  • 50% relief in 5 session nice start,80% of my pain has been relieved. Recovery is fast.(in 15 seesion).

  • Pain is almost nil, Recovery is marvellous. Doctors and all staffs are very well behaved.

  • Satisfying experience. Overall wish you all the best

  • Doctors as well as ssistants were very good , moving towards a pain free life. Thank you so much KRV

  • Everything is perfect, got 70% relief in 5 session

  • Staffs are friendly and attentive

  • Very good treatment , 60% relief in just 6 session

  • Feeling 60% releaved in just 10 days. Good going

  • Therapist are honest, they give their best effort for the patient, they are really experienced and excellent in this field

  • I am glad I came to KRV , A big Thank You to KRV, I don’t remember I had pain in my neck

  • Feedback: Very nice experience, Excellent and highly qualified doctors with a very good environment and excellent behavior of the staff and technicians.

  • Feedback : Everything is going well and good. Very much satisfied with the services Keep it up

  • I felt a great experience, God bless KRV to a big name in the industry Good Luck

  • I was Diagnosed with Facial Paralysis and was having treatment but not felt that much improvement what I have got in KRV Physiotherapy.Doctors are Knowledgeable & keen to attend patients with firmness.Overall Experience with KRV is very good and will recommend my friends,relative and collegues.

  • My Son had a very good experience with KRV,so when I had this knee pain he took me to KRV.He told me KRV is best in this field of physiotherapy and have best services.Now I can say it was a great and nice experience in KRV Physiotheray,I am 100% relief from pain in just 15 sessions. Thanks to All.

  • The therapists were very efficient with their work. All doctors and staff members are very patient and cautious. I also like the ambience of the centre including the music. Which is very relaxing.

  • I had been suffering from back pain since 4 months but when I came here I took treatment and I got relief from my back and neck pain and I want to say that in the clinic all staff are good, they did great job.thank you.

  • Excellent staff , alw2ays very courteous and completely focused on patient,I hav been feeling 95% relief in my back pain. Thanks krv.

  • I was having neck pain radiating to both arms,as I come to krv my problem relieved 95% in just 15 days,very much satisfied with everything,feeling much better after the treatment of krv

  • I took only 7 sittings at krv for my knee and ankle pain.and I got 90% relief. All staff is very good. And treatment was superb and excellent.

  • I was suffering from both side neck pain and discomfort in my neck which was radiating to my right arm. And now after taking treatment at krv I don’t feel pain now. And I am improved too much. Staff and therapists are well trained.

  • Iwas having back pain,knee pain since many years. I was here in india to meet mr relatives, my relative refered me krv physiotherapy, I was here only 15 days in india, I feels very much improvement in my knee and back after krv treatment. Thanks krv team.

  • I have been suffering from back pain ince four months, but I came here and took treatment I got 100% relif from back pain.all iwant to say is that krv is not just a clinic to correct your alimentg it’s a family to lend you hope with persistence.

  • I was suffering from both side neck pain, low back pain and right side knee pain. I have consulted many doctors in USA but my condition was not proper diagnosed and treated. Since I came to India for my father treatment, i came to KRVhealth care services, sushant lok 1 , gurgaon. Here by my condition was proper diagnosed as RSI with B/L Trapezitis (R>L) with postural thoracic scoliosis with Low backache with Right collateral ligament sprain in knee. I have done 8 sessions in 4 days. was really great in diagnosing pain areas and identifying treatment. All staff members were really great at their job. Overall great experience in 4 days. Great job. Keep it up.

  • I was here in india for my wife opration, I have neck and back pain since 7-8 years, one day I saw krv physiotherapy board next to my wife hospital, I have taken treatment 4 days only and I feel my pain goes 90% relief. Thank you to dr RIDWANA

  • I am very happy with the treatment and staff of the centre. I have acute pain and Spasm in my Neck. I got relief within 7 days. Special Thanks to Dr. Ridwana for giving personal attention.

  • I visited KRV Sushant-lok clinic with both heel pain. Dr. ridwana and Dr.Dushyant advice me treatment and taping, after 1st taping I got 99% relif from my pain. They also adviced me life style modification. Thank you dr ridwana and team for better treatment.

  • I came to India for few days,I was having problem since 8 months not able to find a solution.i was just passing by and I saw KRV Physiotherapy center and I felt to go inside and have a session,in 5 bays I have got 34% relief from my radiating pain in my right arm.I will definetly come to KRV whenever I come to India. Thanks KRV

  • It was a very wonderful experience getting treatment from KRV Physiotherapy.I Find everything excellentlly managed wheather its staff,treatment,doctors,cleanliness.My overall exparience was very good.I am 100% Relieved with the therapy,and Totally satisfied.I will refer my husband to KRV Physiothertapy because he is having some problem.

  • I am very happy for the physiotherapy doorstep services in Gurgaon, India, I received from your team. Its only seven sessions I have taken and can see a huge improvement. Your team has done an excellent job. I am very thankful

  • This is my 10th day feedback. When I visited here at your Sushant Lok Gurgaon Center, I wasn't able to move my left arm but in 2 days sessions, it was functional. Awesome team work and result oriented Company. Thank you KRV.

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